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Fujian Shenlika Aluminum Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Fujian Shenlika Aluminum Industry Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, focusing on high-performance wheel product development, production and sales. Headquartered in the beautiful "Maritime Silk Road" starting point - Quanzhou, a total investment of 50 million US dollars, with an annual capacity of 2.5 million, the plant covers an area of ​​58,000 square meters, construction area of ​​45,000 square meters.


The company adheres to the production concept of "quality first" and invests in advanced quality testing equipment such as X-RAY, tensile testing machine, optical spectrum analyzer, metallographic analyzer, impact testing machine, bending moment testing machine, radial load Durability testing machine, in line with Japan "JWL" "VIA", the United States "SFI", Germany "TUV" and other international standards.



OEM export experience for many years, the company owned the world's leading full set of modern production equipment, supporting advanced sound management system, in the overseas market has won high visibility and reputation. Wheel production technology comparable to international standards, and international wheel design experts together to accurately grasp the latest international wheel design trends.


With the fiery development of the domestic auto market, consumer awareness of the gradual modification of car depth, Shen Lika will fully enter the domestic market, to promote the development of domestic automobile market after the injection of new forces.


Shen Li card in the domestic branding process, the "modified wheel leader" concept, the introduction of foreign advanced car modification upgrade concept, advocate professional quality, first-class technology, the first time for car enthusiasts dazzling and varied, complete specifications Car wheels and supporting services.